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When you buy hair extensions or Wigs –you invest in yourself for your beauty, confidence, or necessity. Often, even a great quality hair extension or wig form does not last long if you don't take proper care. So once that extension is yours, it automatically becomes your responsibility to look after them properly.
Hair extensions sit slightly away from your scalp. That's why they do not get natural oil as your hair, and they need added moisture nutrition. So always use good quality, "alcohol and sulphate free" shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. 
While sleeping wearing extensions like Tapes, Wefts- wrap your hair into a loose braid or bun, which will prevent hair from rubbing against your pillow and knotting. We can also recommend using a sleep cap. 
Remove Temporary extensions like clip-ins, Halo, Pony, or wigs before sleeping. Also, do not sleep when your hair is wet. 
Do not wash your wigs, Clip-ins, Halo, or Pony extensions daily. It would be best to wash extensions every few uses, depending on how you use your wings. 
Hair extensions can tangle and matte up due to weather (humidity, dust, wind conditions), product build-up and lack of brushing. So, please avoid using the extensions or wigs in extreme conditions. 
Brush from the ends upwards. Brush your hair two times a day with a looped/broad tooth comb extensions brush; loop bristles allow brushing without causing any damage or breakage. 
Continuous heat tools (straightener, curler) will cause extensions and wigs to dry up and snap over time; use heat protectant spray and always use the lower side of heat. 
We recommend 160d up to 180d max as regular overheating tool use can cut down the life span of extensions. 
We do not recommend using Spa, Sauna and steam rooms as excessive heat and dampness may cause your bonds to soften and damage hair. 
Hair should not meet chlorine and saltwater. So please, Do not jump into a pool or swim or surf in the ocean by wearing your extensions. 
Try avoiding very hot blow dry, if possible, as natural air-dry will give your extensions or wigs a longer life. For temporary extensions, please make sure they are dry properly before you put them to keep them away. Try to use a hanger to hang the extension. Do not keep them in a humid/dam place. Make sure the storage place is dry. 
Human hair wigs and toppers require the same care as permanent extensions like Tapes and Wefts. So, please try to follow as we mentioned earlier. 
Comb to tangle-free the wig or extension. Use the comb from bottom to top. The wide comb is always recommended. 
Dulge hair extensions can be toned and dyed; this is strict to be done by a qualified hairdresser with a Test patch to be done first on a small part of the extension. 
Colouring must be darker, not lighter. For example, if you select a brown extension colour and want to go blonde, you could only have them coloured darker, not blonde. 
If you exercise and play sports wearing wigs, we recommend tying your hair in a loose ponytail and washing immediately afterwards. 
A wig stands, or mannequin head is to store a wig. It will help keep the hair from becoming tangled and will help to maintain the shape 
Please do not leave your wigs unprotected as they can be a natural dust gatherer, damaging the wigs. So always cover it up. 
Whenever you are not using a wig, the best way to store it is in a mannequin or hook somewhere so that it is in an upright position to make sure it is not tangled. 
Do not sleep or shower wearing a wig. You can use them but do not just overdo them. Avoid many different products or spray on the wig, as when you do that, the hair in the wig is more likely to tangle greasy.  


  • Put some warm water (not too hot) into a sink bowl. And pour the necessary amount of good quality Shampoo (Alcohol-free and sulphate free).
  • Soak the wig or extension onto the water and rinse gently. Avoid excessive rubbing.
  • Once done- throw that used water and repeat the whole process using conditioner instead of shampoo.
  • After completion, squeeze water gently from the wig or extension and absorb water using a towel. 
  • Use a comb again to de-tangle and leave that for natural air dry (our recommendation is- to avoid using a hot hairdryer).
  • All done. Once it's dry, you can use comb and style according to your requirements before you use it. 
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