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Looking for ways to beat the heat and stay cool this summer?

Heat can make everything uncomfortable when working outside or doing your daily activities. Staying cool in the summer heat can be challenging and frustrating during the summer months. Heat can also lead to sickness; heat exhaustion can create heat stroke, nausea, and muscle cramps.
Sure, you can remain indoors and put the AC on but think about the rising energy cost nowadays. 
That is where cooling products from DULGE come in. Personal cooling products are beneficial. They can help exchange heat between blood vessels moving through the body.  
If someone has hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and someone who is looking to stay cool this summer, these personal cooling products from dulge are a must-have. All these latest and most innovative cooling products from dulge are the best in the market and will surely help you stay refreshed and make it as comfortable as possible. Here are some personal cooling products from dulge worth your money. 

USB Charged Octopus baby stroller fan

Want to go out with your baby but worried about the heat inside the stroller? Well, we got a solution for you.  
You can have the leafless rotating fan, which is not only designed for babies' comfort but also can use as a handheld fan for your extra comfort during a walk. 

Air Conditioner neck and back cooling fan 

This ICE Spray design 360d free bending neck and back cooling fan is the latest innovation in the market. Equipped with 48 double turbine blades, which have air pressurization technology. This gives powerful airflow from three sides. 
Light weight only 320gms, which is suitable for any outdoor activities. It rapidly decreases the temperature.   

Folding fan for home desktop and outdoor activities

This revisionary fan can be used for multi-purposes. It is not only foldable but also has a light and spray humidifier.  
4-speed adjustable wind, long battery life and can also be used as a phone holder. 
This multifunctional fan is what you need this summer to stay cool inside your home and outdoors. 

Neck hanging fan 

Be different in the crowd! Whether you work outdoors or are an office goer, this hanging neck fan will surely give you a relaxed feeling and a cool look. This USB-charged device will provide your neck cool air and supply air from the front side to refresh your face, giving you a very comfortable feeling during the scorching heat.  
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